“all the arrangements were carefully explained by such kind staff and everything went according to plan. I thknk you very much. “

Family Comment

Armstrongs On TV

In January 2004 Nick was asked to take part in a documentary for Anglia Television. We have added snippets from this documentary below; we hope you find it interesting.

Please be aware that the documentary shows coffins and a reconstruction of a funeral service.

Here is part of a press release about the making of the documentary.

The documentary, before I Die, follows Nick’s desire to complete a list of personal challenges before he dies. These include swimming with sharks and sky diving. The documentary also follows his friends, family and clients as he works his way through his wish-list.

“Some people ask me why I do this job (being an undertaker),” said Nick. “But if you were to read just a few of the thank you cards we receive from families you would know why.”

“The main reason for doing the film wasn’t to do the things on my wish-list, but to explain to people what we actually do.”

In the programme we see Nick at work as he talks frankly about being an undertaker, his own personal experiences of death and how both have influenced him to live life to the full

Film director Luke said: “Undertakers have a lust for life and a different outlook on things. Nick made me realise anybody can die at any moment, regardless of age or upbringing – it’s just about luck. I learned a lot while I was with him. The experience has taught me to live life to the full.”

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