“Your men are a credit to your business and your business and yourself are a credit to the trade”

Family Comment

Family testimonials

Below you can see a selection of testimonials from families we have helped. If you would like to find out more or see more simply contact us today.

“You all made me feel secure in the knowledge that everything was being done perfectly – which indeed it was.

 Not the slightest thing to ensure my comfort was omitted. “


 “Your men are a credit to your business and your business and yourself are a credit to the trade.”


 “I sadly had to go to a funeral service of a dear friend recently and must say it was one of the most moving ceremonies I have ever attended. It was all down to the tender care given to the family by Armstrongs.


Their attention to detail was noted by all.”


 “I have been asked, by everyone who attended Mums funeral, to thank you for everything that you and your company have done for us. We are convinced that no other company could have done a better job.”


 “My wife would have approved wholeheartedly to the way that you and your staff carried out your duties with dignity, compassion and understanding, No question went unanswered, and every problem was lifted from my shoulders.”


 “I don’t see how the courtesy, kindness, good humour and sheer professionalism displayed by all concerned could possibly be bettered. I’m most grateful to you all for making things so easy for us.”


 “We were overwhelmed by the help and support that you gave us and with all the little touches that made the day so special.”


 “When my father came into your care I felt that both him and the family were treated as though we were part of your own family.”


 “Thank you for being so kind and compassionate and guiding us through what were unknown waters. It felt as though we were amongst friends and we could contact and talk to you whenever we had a problem, which you calmly talked us through and sorted out for us.”


 “Friends and family say Mum had a wonderful send-off, done with dignity and pride; we can only thank you all for the absolutely vital part you played.”


 “We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the warmth and compassion shown to all the family at this sad time.”


 “It is nice to see a family business taking a pride in their customer service with a genuine and friendly attitude which put everyone at ease.”


 “I would like to say that your funeral arrangements were just excellent and handled extremely efficiently and yet with great sensitivity and understanding by all members of your staff.”



“Thanks for all you and your company did for us, your kindness shines out.”

“Once again, thank you to all at armstrongs for taking charge of a sad event and turning it into a heartwarming occasion. It wouldnt have been possible without your sensitivity and hard work.”


“We will tell all that we know that this is the company to use for the loss of a family member as they were like family to us.”


 “Every aspect of the funeral was handled with impeccable taste and dignity and you really deliver your caring and personal service.”


 “We have been so grateful to you for your kindness, sympathy, understanding and above all, friendliness. We feel that you, and of course your staff, have helped us all face up to the reality of death in a very positive way.”


 “The service has been very personal, we felt that you only had our funeral to arrange and whenever we popped in someone was always there to greet us with a smile and to offer the support which was much appreciated at such a difficult time. She would have been so pleased that you arranged everything to ‘perfection’.”


 “We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you again for all that you have organized for us in recent weeks.  At times like this the care, attention and professional approach you have shown us has made this experience all the more easy to deal with.”


 “From the moment you took mum into your care until her final moment at the service we have all been treated with the utmost sympathy, compassion and care, by you all – nothing was too much trouble.”


 “It is an over-worked phrase, but I really don’t think we could have done it without you.”


 “I can’t thank you enough for your thoughtful and personal service at such a difficult time.”


 “You do such a good job, it’s the little extras that make the difference.”


 “Your warmth and kindness made a tragic situation bearable.”


 “Everything was conducted with great dignity and gentleness. Without exception you were thoroughly professional, efficient, discreet and, most important of all, understanding in all that you did.”


 “Your respect and compassion helped us all through a difficult time.”


“The care and personal service given to me was a great help over a very stressful period.”


“It was a great comfort to us as a family to have the arrangements in your capable hands.”

 “Thank you very much for making a sad time a little easier.”

“We felt you were always there if there was a question to be asked however trivial and nothing seemed too much trouble.”


 “We all found your service to be very professional but with a genuine and friendly attitude which put everyone at ease.”


 “You made a very difficult time easier to deal with in the compassion and consideration you and your staff showed to us all.”


 “Thank you for your excellent service and the sympathy, dignity and sensitivity afforded to us.”


“We would like to thank you and all your staff for the help and support you gave to all of us when we most needed it. You certainly did everything you could to make things as easy as possible for us.”


 “A dignified service without being pompous, with so many little sensitive touches.”



“your attention to the little details made the occasion, if not happy, then memorable for all the right reasons”



“It’s not simply because you have been competent and professional in the way in which you have gone about things, but because of all the extra, caring, thoughtful gestures that accompanied your services.”


 “One reason was that we, Patricia’s daughters, could concentrate fully on the content of the service, knowing that you and the team would organise everything else.”

“Perhaps, above all, it is the warmth and humanity that I have felt from you as people that made a sad occasion nevertheless a very successful one.  Thank you.”


 “My family and I would like to thank you for all you help.  I wanted the funeral to be a quiet, low-key event as that is what he would have liked. The calm professionalism of all the Armstrongs’ staff involved contributed greatly to this.”


 “We feel that the service you have provided us with was one with a “personal touch” and all your help was very much appreciated.”


 “You carried all our requests in the most professional and dignified manner.”


 “We are certain we could not have had a better service from anyone and we will all remember your kindness.”


 “Once again, I would like to thank you on behalf of all the family for the dignity and warmth that you showed throughout the time of our grief.”


 “You were very flexible, sensitive and ultimate professionals; this made a very difficult and trying time all the more bearable.”