Direct Cremation

A direct, pure and simple cremation simply involves taking the deceased directly to the crematorium with no formal ceremony.
There are no family or friends present at the cremation and the deceased is cremated in a simple coffin. There is no funeral service.

Who offers Direct Cremation?

Armstrongs do! The fact that we can offer this service is often missed by our local families.

The shiny TV adverts, and glossy leaflets for big, corporate companies are something we cannot compete with. But what we can offer is local knowledge, the highest standard of care, and a personal touch that they simply cannot match.

As a local family business, we only ask that before you make any decisions, and sign on the dotted line that you get in touch to discuss what your options are.

There is a difference in what is offered, and this may not necessarily be made clear.

What to be aware of.

Unfortunately, if you use an ‘internet’ company, this could mean your loved one travelling around the country before finally being taken
to a mortuary, hundreds of miles away whilst awaiting cremation. Always ask the location of mortuary facilities, and where your loved one will be held in care and indeed where they will be cremated.

Our guarantee to you.

Our out of hours emergency service will be answered by one of our team members, not a call centre.

A main point of contact will be given within our arranging team for liaison with the next of kin.

The deceased person will be brought into our care, in our private ambulance by our uniformed, experienced team. Multiple people will never travel together.

The cremation will be carried out at West Suffolk Crematorium.

The date of cremation can be confirmed to the next of kin.

Our service includes:-

Full care and preparation of your loved one whilst in our care.

The provision of a simple coffin suitable for cremation.

Crematorium fees and Dr’s fees for cremation forms.

The person will be taken to the crematorium in a private ambulance, accompanied by uniformed members of our team until
passed into the care of the crematorium.

The cremation process is exactly the same as for more traditional services – everyone is cremated individually and the ashes
are carefully collected at the end.

The ashes will be retained at the crematorium for your collection.

All of the above is included in our £1450* charge

Is a direct, non-attended cremation right for you or you loved ones?


  • A direct cremation can often be completed in a quicker timescale to a traditional funeral, as there is less to organise.

  • There is less administration involved, as there are no decisions to be made by the next of kin as personalised extras are not allowed.

  • Due to the fact it is the most pared down service, it is the most cost-effective type of cremation available.


  • By far the biggest con is the fact that family & friends may not agree with the choice of cremation, and risk not being given the closure that a full, bespoke funeral service can give.

  • Not being able to plan, and attend can cause rifts between those that would have found comfort in a final send-off.

  • If purchasing a direct cremation pre-payment plan from an internet-based company there will be no option to convert it to a full funeral service should you, or your next of kin change your mind at a later date. You can cancel but with a large penalty. 

  • It is imperative that if you are considering, or have chosen a direct cremation, that you speak to your friends and family and let them know of your decision. We are finding increasing numbers of people are choosing this for themselves, and the family receive quite a shock when told they will not be able to attend and say their goodbyes in the traditional way.

  • Our door is always open for a no-obligation chat, please call, message or pop in to speak to one of the team.

What other funeral fees might be applicable?

* Bringing the deceased into our care outside normal office hours or by a third party funeral director – £250.

* We have the same, simple pine coffin design for everyone but please tell us if your loved one is 22 stone or more or very tall
   (more than 6’6″) as they are likely to require a special order coffin, but we always review each case individually.

* Add £300 if a special order coffin is required.

* Return of cremated remains by Courier – £85

* We also have a range of urns, scatter tubes and keepsakes at extra cost which can be found here.