“We were overwhelmed by the help and support that you gave us and with all the little touches that made the day so special.”

Family Comment

Why did I become a funeral director?

At Armstrongs we try our very best to make one of the most difficult times in your life just a tiny bit easier.

We have all suffered close personal bereavements and know how difficult this time is.

When I started Armstrongs I had been working for the larger chains of Funeral Directors and there was a massive shift towards large companies offering little choice and a lack of consideration for the individual requirements of bereaved relatives. I know that because I could see it happening.

I wanted to start a small independent funeral service which placed an emphasis on personal care, choice and respect for the wishes of the customer, to make things more personal and a little easier for families.

Our premises aren’t old fashioned and draped in purple swags (you would be surprised at how many still are) and we don’t sit behind a desk when we arrange the funeral, we all sit together. When you entrust your loved one to us they come to US. They aren’t sent to a hub or central mortuary facility first.

They are safe in our care, as you would expect.

So what else is different at Armstrongs? Total flexibility and unique little touches. We can order any item from any supplier unlike some of the big companies. We have also been told on many occasions that we are human and approachable, quite unlike other FDs in the area. We will move heaven and earth to give a family the personal service they have come to expect from us. It’s a challenge sometimes but it’s one we all love.

We are also highly committed to continuous improvement and I honestly feel that no-one can touch us, or even come close. That may sound arrogant but we are constantly looking at how we do things and what improvements wecan make –  so our training never stops.

People often ask us how we can do our job; our honest answer is that it’s a privilege to be able to really make a difference and help someone through one of the worst times in their life, there is nothing like it. The friends you make and the thank you cards and letters you receive make you realise just how much you have helped.

We help guide the family every step of the way so they give their loved one the special send off they would want.

Below is one of the many hundreds of comments we have received, this one and more can be found on our testimonials page.

” The service has been very personal, we felt that you only had our funeral to arrange and whenever we popped in someone was always there to greet us with a smile and to offer the support which was much appreciated at such a difficult time. She would have been so pleased that you arranged everything to ‘perfection’.”

I think that says it all really.