Pre-Payment Plans

“Some of us, as we get older, expect to provide the money to meet our funeral expenses. We’re not morbid. It’s to do with independence and responsibility.”

“We wanted to leave everything in order for our relatives and friends.”

“We don’t often talk about it – because there’s no need to – but the fact is that funerals cost money, and we want to take care of the cost.”

An increasing number of people choose to pay for their funeral themselves now, rather than set aside a sum of money or an insurance policy towards the cost. With the savings or insurance options your family will usually have to pay for the funeral themselves then hope to get the money from your estate, often months later.

But with a guaranteed funeral plan the service has already been paid for – a much more practical solution!

Our guaranteed funeral plan has the following practical benefits:

We guarantee the selection of your choice at today’s price, regardless of when the funeral may be needed.

You choose what kind of funeral you would like, instead of your family and friends having to guess.

Total security – your funeral payments are placed in a separate trust with custodian trustees.

The service is provided by a local funeral director. If you move home you can transfer your plan, through a network of professional firms across the country.

Your relatives will be spared a financial burden, at what could be a difficult and distressing time for them.

Your plan can be purchased with a once-only payment or by instalments – whichever suits you best.

Here are some of the questions you might want to ask, but please do give us a call on 01284 723889 if there is anything else you would like to know.

Our specialist pre-payment plan site can be found here

How much does it cost?

Naturally this will depend on the type of service you want – the price you pay is today’s price for the funeral. We offer a choice of plans or we can tailor something to meet your individual requirements – you don’t have to make any commitment whatsoever before you know the total price involved.

What if the cost of funerals increases?

Like most things funerals are affected by inflation and the cost of funerals will almost certainly increase before you need one – but once you have paid the full plan price there will never be any further charges for the funeral director’s services specified, with the possible exception of VAT (See VAT) . That is the most important benefit of a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan, and why so many people are choosing this option.

How do I know that my money will be safe?

We will ask you to make your cheque payable to the pre-payment plan company, which is quite independent of Armstrongs accounts, to be held and invested by the managing trustees in accordance with the trust deed. We only use respected national companies specialising in funeral prepayments plans. At the time of the funeral Armstrongs will provide the service as itemised in return for a payment from the funeral planning company.

Do you pay interest?

No. A guaranteed funeral a plan is not an investment nor an insurance policy – it is simply a way of paying in advance for the funeral service. As the value of the funeral plan trust increases over the year, so the money available to pay the funeral director will increase to compensate for rising costs. But as far as you, the customer is concerned your funeral is paid for.

Will there be any other costs at the time of the funeral?

Each plan also covers other expenses e.g. crematorium fees, doctors’ fees, ministers fees etc. (known as disbursements) up to the maximum amount specified. Your funeral director will advise you on how much to allow.

What about VAT?

Funerals are not subject to VAT so you don’t have to pay VAT on your plan. However, if a future government does introduce VAT on funerals, the funeral planning company will advise you of the options. We don’t think VAT will be introduced on funerals, but we wanted to let you know about all potential costs.

Will there be any other costs at the time of the funeral?

Each plan also covers other expenses e.g. crematorium fees, doctors’ fees, ministers fees etc. (known as disbursements) up to the maximum amount specified. Your funeral director will advise you on how much to allow.

Can I buy a plan for someone else?

Yes. Please mention this when you order. We will send the correspondence to a different address if you wish. All orders are treated in confidence.

How do I pay for my plan?

Some people prefer to make one payment, so they don’t have to think about it any more. You can give your funeral director a cheque or cash with your order form, or you can post them to the national office of the funeral planning company.

Can I pay by instalments?

If you are not in a position to pay the full amount you can make payments in advance towards a plan. You can take as long as you like to pay, or pay it off quickly if you prefer. Payments can be made by cheque, or by standing order. Please enclose the first payment with your order. There is no extra fee for handling instalment.

What if I die away from home?

Each plan necessarily includes removal within thirty miles of the funeral directors premises – please ask if you are not sure whether this will be sufficient. We strongly recommend that you take out travel medical insurance when you go on holiday, which should include the cost of bringing you back home if necessary.

What if I change my mind later?

Once you have purchased your plan you will probably want to forget all about it – no doubt you’ve got lots of more interesting things to think about! However with our funeral plans you have the absolute right to change your mind, at any time. If you wish to cancel your plan, simply return your plan documents and your money will be returned in full. No time limit, no exclusions and no fuss. Very few people take this option, but it is reassuring to know that you can get your money back if you want to.

Although many funeral firms have been taken over by multi-national corporations, many well established businesses remain under local ownership and continue to uphold the traditions of the independent family funeral service.

We feel that it is important to know who you are dealing with, please be aware that some firms “hide” behind an old family name.

For more information on pre-payment plans please call us on 01284 723889 and ask for a brochure or visit our sister website at