Pre-Payment Plans

“Some of us, as we get older, expect to provide the money to meet our funeral expenses. We’re not morbid. It’s to do with independence and responsibility.”

“We wanted to leave everything in order for our relatives and friends.”

“We don’t often talk about it – because there’s no need to – but the fact is that funerals cost money, and we want to take care of the cost.”

A funeral plan is an easy way to arrange the funeral you want in advance.
A plan allows you to specify your wishes and pay for the funeral director’s services included in your plan.
As customers often tell us, that can bring peace of mind to you and your family.
A plan from Golden Charter also
includes an allowance towards third party costs.
These are essential, non
funeral director services such as the cremation or burial fees,
lus the minister or officiant’s fee to perform the service.

At Armstrongs, we work in partnership with Golden Charter to provide you
with a simple way to plan ahead.

As one of the U
K’s largest funeral plan providers*, Golden Charter has helped 900,000 people make funeral provisions** so
we’re completely confident in offering their plans to you.

Everyone has different needs when it comes to funeral planning, so we make sure the plans we offer are as flexible as possible.
When you get in touch, we’ll be happy to discuss your funeral requirements and tailor a plan to suit you.
Rest assured a 
plan from Golden Charter is available to all UK residents who are over 18, regardless of age or state of health.

*Based on a Golden Charter analysis and independent research of the funeral plan market size as at January 2023.

**Correct at March 2023.


A plan to suit your needs

As an independently owned funeral director, we’ll take the time to understand your wishes and tailor a plan to suit you.

We can discuss these at our premises or in your 
home, at a time that is convenient for you. If you’d prefer to discuss this over the
phone or via email, we can assist with this too. You can tell us about any preferences you have in mind the type of funeral you would like to have, hymns, music or any other personal touches and we’ll make sure your plan takes these into account.

Payment options to suit you

With a Golden Charter funeral plan, you can pay for your plan in several waysSpread the cost or make a oneoff payment simply choose the one that’s right for you. We will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

The retail price of your funeral plan is representative of the equivalent cost of a funeral today plus an arrangement fee of £285 which is retained by Golden Charter to help cover the costs of setting up your plan.

Your payments are held within the Golden Charter Trust. With £1.2 billion under management,1 the Trust is operated by a Board of Trustees, completely independent of Golden Charter. Their role is to hold your payments and ensure that the funeral director services in your plan can be paid for at the time they are required – however far into the future that may be. For more information on how your payments are protected, please visit


What's included in a pre-paid funeral plan?

Our funeral director’s services will be covered in your funeral plan, which means our
fees will be fixed at today’s prices and protected against rising costs. These services typically include:

Professional services and making arrangements for cremation or burial

Transportation of the deceased from the place of death to our premises, chapel of rest or other suitable location

Care of the deceased and preparations for family viewing if requested

Advice on the certification and registration of death and related documentation

Provision of funeral vehicles

Advice on bereavement counselling
Coffin or casket requested

Although a prepaid funeral plan can cover all of the services above, there are some additional third party costs to consider.
These are the costs for essential, nonfuneral director services required to carry out a cremation or burial which need to be paid at
the time of the funeral. These costs are outside our control.
Depending on the plan type chosen, a Golden Charter funeral plan can include a contribution towards some third party costs.
They may include:

Crematorium fee

Minister or officiant’s fee

Cemetery fee: the opening of a new or existing grave for burial or interment of
cremated remains

Other third party costs that may be associated with a funeral include:

Purchase of grave or lair

Hire of church or other venue

Fees or organist or soloist

Memorial, such as a headstone, entry in a book of remembrance, or the
planting of a tree

Catering, floral tributes and newspaper announcements

There will only be more to pay at the time of the funeral if the third party costs exceed the allowance when you buy your plan, or if the costs increase by more than the growth of your plan.

However, even if prices rise in the future, you’ll have the reassurance of knowing there’ll be nothing more to pay for our funeral director’s services included in the plan once your plan is fully paid for – guaranteed.


Looking after you as a customer

As a Golden Charter plan holder, you’ll receive personalised plan documents, which include a summary of your plan, our details, your plan holder certificate and a personal membership card for you to carry in your purse or wallet. You can add a nominated representative to your plan if you wish to do so. Your nominated representative will receive a letter which will provide details of your plan and our details, as your chosen funeral director. They will have no authority to make changes to your plan.

You’ll also receive a statement from Golden Charter every three years which will be sent via post.

As your funeral director, we’ll hold full details of your funeral plan. When the time comes, one phone call is all it takes to activate
your plan and get the arrangements 

Ready to take the next step?

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As well as the comfort of having a plan in place, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with being able to help save your family from worry and expense in the future.

So why not take the next step?

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If there are no plans available online that suit your needs or you’d like a burial plan, please contact us on 01284 723889 and we can tailor a funeral plan to your specific requirements.

Armstrongs Funeral Service Ltd is an appointed representative of Golden Charter Limited trading as Golden Charter Funeral Plans which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN:965279).

  1. Confirmed by Golden Charter Trust’s audited accounts at 31 March 2022.