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Necessary Tasks

A printable version can be found on our downloads page.

This can be printed out and the tasks ticked off as you do them.

Organisations which may need to be informed and tasks which may need to be carried out when someone has passed away:

Car Insurance – Documentation will have to be changed as you are not legally insured to drive if the policy is in the Deceased Name.

Social Services/District Nurses – If there is equipment belonging to either of these, it must be returned

Hospital and/or family Doctor – Any outstanding appointments should be cancelled

Employer or Professional Association

Inland Revenue

Social Security – Form 344/BD8 needs to be completed to cancel any direct payments into a bank account. This white certificate is provided by the registrars.

Local Council – Cancel any housing/rate benefits and council tax.

Gas, Electric, Water, Telephone, and cable/internet companies – Cancel accounts or change names.

Post office – Arrange redirection of mail, a small charge may be made.

Credit Card companies – Cancel cards.

Banks and Building Societies – Accounts need to be closed and any joint accounts need to be amended.

Investments and Insurance Policies – Premium Bonds are not transferable. The Post Office will issue you with a form that needs to be sent to the Bonds and Stocks Office. For further advice we suggest that you consult a Financial Advisor or Accountant.

Store Cards – loyalty, charge and credit need to be cancelled.

Items You May Need to Cancel



Meals on Wheels

Home Help



Eye Specialist


Home Care

Items to be Returned

Passport – You should return the passport to: The Passport Office, U.K. Passport Agency, 5th Floor, India Building, Water Street, Liverpool.

Driving License – You should return the driving license to: D.V.L.A. Swansea, SA99 1AB.

Vehicle Registration Documents – To change name of ownership

Car Insurance – To change Policy Holder’s name or a refund may be issued.

Television License – To change name or a refund may be issued.

Season Tickets and Club Membership Cards – A refund may be issued.

Library Books and Card