Funeral Costs

Armstrongs – Price Transparency

We are confident that our prices represent true value to families in their time of need. If you plan to make price comparisons with other funeral providers please be sure to check that you compare like for like and that all costs are included in the quoted price.

Also be aware that facilities, vehicles and most importantly the level of care isn’t the same with every funeral director.
We pride ourselves on our reputation and value. There are also so many unique little touches that only Armstrongs provide and that really sets us apart from other companies.

During the funeral arrangements, our funeral arranger will discuss full details of the expected cost of the funeral. Occasionally we may need to clarify a cost before we can give you the information, but we will confirm the cost is acceptable before committing you to anything.

You must feel comfortable with the funeral commitments you are undertaking. If you do not feel this is the case, please let us know, and we will discuss the best way to come in line with your expectations. If you have a budget in mind, let us know so we can work with you to keep to it, but please be assured that most funerals cost nothing like what is reported in the media! Although a certain national chain of funeral directors charge around £800 more for their services. Please be aware.

Our Tailored funeral is our most popular funeral choice with families, as it allows a full range of options with no restrictions;
options include Limousines, flexibility on day and times for the service, Service in a Church or Chapel, placing newspaper announcements, service sheets and many other services. You also have a choice of our full coffin range, and the option to select an alternative style
hearse if you wish.

At the time of arrangement we will give you a written estimate, and unless discussed otherwise, a final invoice around a week after the funeral. Both will show the costs broken down in the same way:

Funeral Director’s Charges

This is what you are paying us to to put into place and carry out your chosen arrangements.

Disbursements (3rd party costs)

These are costs we have no direct control over, such as crematorium or cemetery fees; these fees will not change regardless of which funeral director you use, but they may change depending on the choices you make for the funeral.

We manage our business costs carefully and keep our overheads low, so we don’t have to pass on any unnecessary costs to you. Also being an independent family business we don’t have shareholders. Large concerns answer to shareholders. We answer to you!

Please visit our testimonials page here to read some lovely reviews and ask around before making your final decision… will find we come highly recommended which is the highest praise of all.

A breakdown of charges

To help you plan the funeral style you want, we offer a tailor-made  service for each family.  This includes everything you need to create a dignified funeral, without the extras you may not want. The additional services we offer can vary in price substantially and we will give you a guide to what these will cost so you can decide what is important for you and control your budget.

Direct Cremation

A basic "no service" cremation.
£ 1450*
  • A No-Service Cremation.
  • Non attended.
  • No choice of day or time.

Tailored Funeral

Our most popular service with a full
range of options & no restrictions.
£ 2450 + disbursements
  • Our most popular service.
  • A unique send-off.
  • Totaly bespoke service.

Simple Funeral

A simple, restricted, no frills service. Our CMA Standardised funeral.
£ 2080 + disbursements
  • For a more simple service.
  • Some restrictions apply.
  • A simple coffin only.