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Traditional, Colourful or Bespoke.

Above you can see a limited selection of our range of coffins and caskets, but please remember that all of our designs can be modified or changed.

Some of our range can be found in our brochure which can be found here.

All of our coffins are approved for burial and cremation and at most natural burial grounds, these are sourced from FSC-accredited companies using wood from sustainable sources.


Our colourful coffins can be chosen from a wide range of styles and if you don’t see anything suitable we can arrange a completely bespoke design. The designs are printed onto an environmentally-friendly paper wrap, which is then applied by hand to ensure the highest level of quality and craftsmanship.

Or choose from a large variety of materials from our ecocoffin range: bamboo, banana, willow, pandanus, pine or even cardboard, each one of which has strong eco-credentials.