Help For Children
When Somebody Dies

When somebody you love is no longer here, it can make you feel very confused and sometimes you may feel upset or angry. Other times you may not know exactly how to feel. These feelings are all normal. You may notice that your family is upset about the death, this is called grieving. This is something we do when a person has died and is a way of showing our sadness. The thing you may notice the most is crying. This is natural and if you want to cry too, that’s ok. Don’t be afraid to talk to somebody about the death. You may find that it helps you feel a bit better talking about the person who has died.

Therapy exercises for children

When someone you loved very much dies it can be a confusing and very upsetting time for you. Sometimes you may feel like crying, at other times you may feel guilty if you find yourself thinking about other things.

Playing a game or writing down your feelings can help you to feel better. Below is a page taken from the website ‘Winston’s Wish’ which has many different exercises for you to do which show you how to save your memories of the person who died, and how to express your feelings.

For helpful information on explaining death to a child please visit our downloads page