Comparing Costs

We are confident that our prices represent true value to families in their time of need. If you plan to make price comparisons with
other funeral providers, please be sure to check that you compare like for like and that all costs are included in the quoted price.

Also be aware that facilities, vehicles and most importantly, the level of care isn’t the same with every funeral director.

When comparing costs, it is important to consider the level of service you will receive and the standards of care and professionalism you and your loved one’s deserve. We pride ourselves on our reputation and value. There are also so many unique little touches that only Armstrongs provide and that really sets us apart from other companies.

Please visit our testimonials page here to read some lovely reviews and ask around before making your final decision… will find we come highly recommended which is the highest praise of all.

The Standardised Price List (download here)

Every Funeral Director in the UK is legally required to provide families with a ‘Standardised Price List’ however the service you
receive and the facilities a Funeral Director provides are not standard
, therefore it is difficult to use this measure as a comparison.


We will use our hearse for our simple funeral NOT a people carrier or van and WILL NOT make a charge for administrating charity donations, unlike some other firms.

Visiting your loved one as many times as you need in our chapel is included, not a £60 per time charge like some

Our tailored funeral includes leaving from a home address, going via a memorable/special route or a service in Church
without extra charge.

Our direct cremation service is carried out at West Suffolk Crematorium and your loved one will stay safely in our care
until the cremation unlike most internet based firms.


The Competition & Markets Authority (CMA), have led an investigation into the funeral profession and this now means that All Funeral Directors are legally required to publish the following:-

Standardised Price List – (Download Here)
Additional Options Price List – (Download Here)
Business terms & Declaration of ownership – (Download Here)
Local Crematorium Prices – (Download Here)

These have to be displayed both on  websites and in prominent positions within premises. The aim of this is to show a like for like price for funerals.

The CMA standardised pricelist is somewhat different to how we have always shown our prices and whilst we are fully behind the
CMA in having a standard price list to make it easier to compare prices, their format can appear more confusing.

Funeral directors are not allowed to change the format or wording of the STANARDISED PRICELIST and although in the past we have
never charged families for coming to the chapel to see their loved one or for collecting Cremated Remains from the crematorium,
the CMA have insisted that we now charge, hence why there is a nominal charge of £1.00.

Unfortunately, the ‘Standardised Price List’ does not include or have provision to include some of the many services Armstrongs offer
in our ‘Tailored Funeral’ which is why we have produced a more detailed price list.

Because no two people or families are the same, we believe that individual choices and preferences have a crucial role to play in the
lasting comfort that the right funeral can bring.

Years of experience have taught us that it’s often the little things, meticulous attention to detail and Armstrongs special unique touches that make the biggest difference.

When we arrange our tailored service with you, the first thing we do is listen.

Then we’ll advise, guide, and inspire you to create a tailored funeral arrangement. From an alternative hearse to a favourite
colour theme, a unique coffin, bubbles, photo slideshows, bespoke orders of service; the list is almost endless.
Tell us what you want, and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

Armstrong’s are proud to have been accepted by the fair funerals campaign and have signed the Fair Funerals Pledge 2021.
A community of funeral directors who agree to put transparency and honesty at the centre of their work and charge a fair price.

Direct Cremation

A basic "no service" cremation.
£ 1450*
  • A No-Service Cremation.
  • Non attended.
  • No choice of day or time.

Tailored Funeral

Our most popular service with a full
range of options & no restrictions.
£ 2360 + disbursements
  • Our most popular service.
  • A unique send-off.
  • Totaly bespoke service.

Simple Funeral

A simple, restricted, no frills service. Our CMA Standardised funeral.
£ 1995 + disbursements
  • For a more simple service.
  • Some restrictions apply.
  • A simple coffin only.